Name: Segun

Age: 28

Location: Ibadan, Nigeria

Why he is scum

We were dating from July 2016 till March this year... It was a long distance relationship till September we saw each other twice a week. I thought we were going to get married when I was done with my masters... We broke up in March because I found out he was married. He never allowed me to use his laptop but one day he left it unattended and went out. I was looking for a movie to watch and all... I saw a folder that said "family". I thought it was the normal siblings and parents... Then there was a folder tagged wedding as well.... I checked it... I watched his wedding reception... He got married September. His wife is pregnant! I couldn't help but feel sorry for the woman because I know what my dad's infidelity caused my mum and our family. I confronted him and he blew me off. He said "Shey I told you not to touch my laptop".
I sent him packing that night but till now he still texts like once a week to tell me how we're made for each other and how he hasn't been the same since. Men are the worst I swear.

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