Name: Ikechukwu

Age: 20

Location: Accra, Ghana

Why he is scum

A pathological liar, cheat, rapist and manipulator. This is someone that lied from the moment he decided to get in a relationship with me. He denied his girlfriend of over a year everytime i asked about her and their relationship, because we met with her always around (i found out they were actually together later). He manipulates every girl around him to believe he is a victim of past relationships and current friendships.

After we got together and he tried putting me and a close friend against each other, i realized his shit life and I left him. Later on he pretended to have changed and really put up an improved character, any lapses to his old self was explained away to be that he was still working on himself. Though we never got back to a romantic relationship we decided to try being friends. It was after i slept over at his place after a late night out with others and i woke to him on top of me ( starting to rape me) that i realized that this thing was indeed not a human being.

He confessed that it wasnt the first time he had done it. Saying that since i never woke before (when we were together) he thought it was ok. This person? is a severely damaged, mentally unstable thing put on this earth to destroy and hurt as many women as possible.

I only write this here to warn any woman/ girl that comes close to Ik or Mitchell that he is a very destructive personality and would not wish him on an enemy.

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