Name: Yinka

Age: 26

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Why he is scum

I met him at a friend's house. This was the first time I fell a connection with someone this quickly. he added me on twitter and Instagram then we started to talk. I was just going trough a break up with my ex boyfriend( who is a scum as well, story for another day ) when we were talking.

I made him wait 6-7 months before saying yes to him. We hanged out for about 3 months until he had to go to Unilag for his masters. I live in Ibadan. At first I didn't want any long distance relationship and i told him about that but he really wanted to make it work with me, he wanted me to be his girlfriend and having me by his side. So I stayed. We saw each other every 6 months.

We had been together during 2 years and I found out he cheated on me. He was in really in a relationship with another girl for 5 months, had unprotected sex with her 4 times a week and all. And in the middle of that, he came to visit me and I introduced him to my parents and relatives, while he knew he was cheating on me.

The last 2 months of our relationship was full of arguments when we used to never argue. We were literally best friends our whole relationship until I started having doubts of him cheating. He manipulated me, playing me like a fool, making me believe I was paranoid and all. Every time I told him about my doubts he managed to reverse the situation making me feel guilty of wrongly accusing him.

I discovered the girl he was cheating on me with via Instagram, I talked to her and she told me all the truth. They were seeing each other every time, she cooked for him, fucked him, cuddling and everything you do with your girlfriend. I left him, because he keeps acting like a child, and at first he didn't admit. Then he keeps saying that he doesn't love her at all, that he is using her because he feels alone etc.

He apologized but I didn't forgave him yet and I know he still sees the girl. I even think he cheated on me before that girl.

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