Name: Akinpelu

Age: 47

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Why he is scum

“It was during my days as a postgraduate diploma student in the Department of Mass Communication in UNILAG. During one of my papers, He ( my lecturer ) announced in the exam hall that ‘if you are not writing well or you know you do not know the questions, don’t cheat, just see me after the paper.’

“I was not sure of myself, so I decided to see him, just to confirm if he would use my Continuous Assessments and attendance to give me extra marks or something. So, I went to his office and he told me to write down my name and I did. Then, he asked me a funny question: ‘Cash or kind?’ I was confused at first, but he said I should better stop behaving like a child.

“I decided to push my luck, just to see if he meant it. So, I offered N20, 000. He got angry and told me to get out that I am not ready to pass. He said my mates are offering him N100,000 and above. After a lot of begging, he accepted the money. I also bought him some expensive wines and gifts, though.

In the end, he still did nothing, because I had a D in the course.

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